Monday, July 29, 2013

Gambar Kehidupan Jerusalem 100 Tahun Lepas (Part II)

People of Jericho. 1917. 

Market. Jaffa. 1900-1920. 

At the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Jerusalem. 1900-1920. 

House of the Last Supper. Jerusalem. 1900-1920. 

General view of the Greek monastery. Tiberias. 1900-1920.

View of Jerusalem from the monastery of Saint-Sauveur. 1900-1920. 

A woman from Bethlehem. 1900-1920. 

Woman in traditional dress. Nazareth. 1900 -1920. 

Women of Beersheba. 1900 -1920. 

Samaritan high priest. Nablus. 1900-1920. 

School in the West Bank. Nablus. 1900-1920. 

The last Turkish feast of Nebi Musa. Jerusalem. 1917. 

First British guard at the Jaffa Gate. December 9, 1917. 

Hebrew Technical Institute. Students work in the workshops. Haifa. 1920 -1933. 

Aircraft "Imperial Airways Ltd," 1931. 

Bank. Bnei Brak. 1920-1933. 

Shining shoes at the Jaffa Gate. Jerusalem, 1920 -1933. 

Girl from Nazareth. 1920-1933.

Cave of the Nativity. Bethlehem. 1920-1933. 

Old Bazaar. Nazareth. 1920-1933. 

Milling wheat. 1920-1933. 

Inside view of the power plant. Tel Aviv, Palestine. 1920-1933. 

The Greek monastery. Jerusalem, 1920 -1933. 

Nazaretyanka in period costume. 1920 -1933. 

Bedouin engaged in yarn. Beer-Sheva, 1932. 

Bookmark bar. Tel Aviv. 1934 -1939. 

Soap factory. Haifa, 1934 -1939. 

Area Allenby. Tel Aviv. 1934 -1939. 

Rows of cars near the Damascus Gate in Ierusalime. 1934 -1939. 

Woman with a pitcher sitting under an almond tree. Bethlehem. 1934 -1939. 

Yemenite Jews dudyat the shofar. 1934-1939. 

Crowded beach. Tel Aviv. 1934-1939. 

A group of Jewish settlers. Jewish settlements on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, Ein Gev. 1934-1939. 

Fountain in Nazareth. 1934 -1939.

Building on the Mamilla Road. Ierusalim. 1938-1939. 

Mother and child. 1934-1939.

Nebi Musa procession in Gethsemane. Jerusalem, 1936.

Peasant girl holding a bunch of grapes in Ein - Yabruda. 1937. 

View of Bethlehem from the south and the woman in the foreground, on September 2, 1938. 

Children's Hospital of the missionary society. 1940 -1946.

Funeral Syrian bishop. The corpse is seated on a chair in the church. A side view. Jerusalem. 1940-1946.

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