Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top 10 Largest Water Parks

Do you travel often and try to experience things that are not offered in your area? Are you a person who likes to mix fun with water and frolic on the hot summer sun all day? Then this is something for you. The following are the top 10 biggest water parks you may visit and enjoy with wherever you may go, all over the world:

10. Wet n’ Wild Water World Australia

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Located in Oxenford, Queensland, this water park is the largest in Australia. Being part of the Wet n’ Wild family, it offers the most exhilarating rides of the present. The latest rides are the Tornado, the four-person funnel slide and the Blackhole. This park is open all year round so whenever you might want to take a dip at any time of the year, this Wet n’ Water World Australia is the place.

9. Sandcastle Water Park United Kingdom

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It is the biggest indoor water park in the United Kingdom and the largest water coaster in the world known as the Masterblaster Water Coaster. Offering more than 18 attractions, there will surely be a ride suitable for every age. Children may play and relax at the Caribbean Storm Treehouse.

8. Las Cascadas Water Park Puerto Rico

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This water park in Aguadilla is the largest water park in the Caribbean. It offers attractions suitable for the whole family. Whether you go water rafting or take the easy-going lazy river, members of the family will surely have a cool and fantastic experience.

7. Water Country Virginia

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This 1950’s themed water park is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Exciting rides and river rafting adventures will definitely make your visit an unforgettable experience. This year, a new ride, the Vanish Point, was introduced. Riders in this ride are dropped 75 feet at around 40 miles per hour.

6. Schlitterbahn Texas

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A slippery road when translated English, Schlitterbahn is the largest water park in Texas. Being America’s first water park, it opened in 1979 to cater the locals of the place to beat the summer heat, even perfect for the hot southern weather, all year long. It offers a lot of rides and slides and miles of uphill water coasters that are perfect for children and old people. The resort is now operating in South Padre and Galveston, Texas and Kansas, Kansas City.

5. Chimelong Water Park China

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Situated in Guangzhou, China, it opened in 2007 and is said to be the largest water park in the world with almost a million square feet of water. It features a lot of exciting water rides, one of which is the Behemoth Bowl which is possible the grandest water ride in the world. It mainly features its longest lazy river, the Behemoth Bowl, and its large wave pool. Having the name inspired from a large beast, sets an expectation of something large and monstrous.

4. World Water Park Edmonton, Canada

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Opening its doors to the public in 1986, this is a 30-acre Waterpark has the largest indoor wave pool in the world and can accommodate a maximum capacity of 40,000 guests. It always has an eighty-six degrees temperature despite the cold temperature in Canada. Found inside West Edmonton Mall, one of the largest malls in the world, it offers exciting rides like the Sky Screamer, Tropical Typhoon, and Nessie’s Revenge. Also featured in this water park are their 85 feet high slides namely the Twister and the Aqua Loop slides. Beginner, intermediate, advance, and decommissioned slides are also available.

3. Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

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A 20-minute bus ride from Kuala Lumpur, this water park is the biggest in Malaysia with more than 80 water rides to choose from. It has 3 areas which are World of Adventure, Waters of Africa, and the Wild Wild West. For those who are not so fond of water, they offer other amusements such as the Wildlife Zone, Paintball Games, and ATV riding. Sunway Lagoon is one of Asia’s best attraction having been awarded by the International association of Amusement Parks and attractions (IAAPA) as Asia’s Best Attraction for four consecutive years (2007-2010).

2. Wet n’ Wild Orlando Florida

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Providing the most exhilarating water rides in North America, this water park houses five different rides and wide-range of other rides to choose from. The Surge, Brain Wash, Disco H2O, The Flyer, and The Blast are few of the varieties of multi-purpose rides you can select from. Single-person rides are also available such as The Storm, Bomb Bay, Bar Stuka, and Mach 5. It is best to go to Wet n’ Wild all throughout the summer days. Heated pools are available during the rest of the year, perfect for those who are busy during those summer seasons.

1. Noah’s Ark Water Park

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This water park is found in Wisconsin and is one of the largest in the United States, expecting everything from the name it carries. About 70 acres wide, it has more than 60 water slides, two wave pools, a lagoon pool, two rivers, children’s play areas. There is this 10-storey vertical slide that drops the person more than 50 feet per second called The Scorpion’s Tail which was voted the No. 1 Thrill ride for 2010. The most famous water slide at the park is the Time Warp that highlights its 70 feet drop. Midwesterners, having no access to the ocean, come here during summer season for a dip.

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