Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top 10 Airlines of the world

There are many airlines in the world; most of them are doing very well in order to provide better and better amenities for its passengers. It’s good to see that air competition to improve services for passengers and their business is improving every year. Here is a list of the top 10 Latest ranking of airlines.
1. Asian Airlines
The second largest airline in South Korea won the first place. This company offers Luscious Korean meals, extensive in-flight entertainment and above all wonderful flight attendants, who spells his passengers according to their pleasant attitude and care for nature.
2. Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines managed to retain second place for the second year in a row. Most consistent company in connection with the services offered and comfortable plush seats,. It was also awarded “Best Business Class Seat”, “Best Airline in Southeast Asia.” A ‘World Best cabin crew,
3. Qatar Airways
The airline is chosen for the best food in business class, even when the economy is offered the best in its class. Qatar is great, the interior redesign and improvement services are growing well and also comes in the list still.
4. Cathay Pacific
The winner of last year’s Best Airline fell on further this year. It won “best transpacific airline.”
5. Air New Zealand
it was voted eighth Last year, this year it jumped three places get to 5 positions. It is also chosen as “best carrier in Australia / Pacific.”

Asian Airlines
6. Etihad Airways
It is relatively new, but very innovative in its services, the company achieved a leading position in the first class cabin and dining categories. The Abu Dhabi based airline will reach the top of the list very soon.
7. Qantas
Second place in 2005 fell to seventh this year. Australia’s oldest and largest airline is still fine, but it must do more to cope with others in the list.
8. Emirates
It fell three points from last year, is still one of the most traveled airline in the world. Has a network of lines around the world and offers great entertainment services for the sixth year, is considered the best in-flight entertainment.
9. Thai Airways
Thai airline is doing very well with the lowest fleet in the list. Tourists traveling to Thailand, I prefer to take the Thai air due to its attractive services and tariffs as well. Thai has also improved its rating from last year.
10. Malaysia Airlines
Airline “Best Economy Class” which has best staff Service Excellence in Asia”. This is the best option for travel to Malaysia. The variety of entertainment services, flight and cabin crew together provide excellent air travel.

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